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Thirty-plus years and thousands of miles into the music business, guitar master Reggie Hall brings new meaning to the concept of “One-Man-Band” – you won’t believe your ears when you hear what he can do. From the horns of Steve Winwood’s “Roll With It” to the screaming organ in Spencer Davis’ “Gimme Some Loving,” Reggie records all of his own tracks, every instrument, even the background vocals. All those drums, all that Latin percussion, in Santana’s “Smooth”? That’s him too, even as he croons Rob Thomas’ guttural lyrics and plays those searing Carlos Santana guitar solos LIVE!

You want Willie? You get Willie. You want Clapton? He’ll give you Clapton. And Tom Petty, Jimmy Buffett, Toby Keith, Aerosmith, The Eagles, Skynyrd, John Mellencamp, Matchbox 20, Los Lonely Boys, Counting Crows…and did we mention Santana?

In The Beginning…

Reggie’s first paid gig came at age 11, playing for an American Legion luncheon. As an experienced showmaster – he had been performing for friends, family, and neighbors since the age of six, with his guitar “Karen” and a tiny amplifier – he commanded a whopping eight bucks for the gig. He warmed up the crowd with songs like “The Little Black Egg” by The Nightcrawlers, then moved on to more complex hits, like “Gloria” from Van Morrison and Them, and “Try A Little Kindness” by Glenn Campbell.

Reggie went on to play everywhere he could get to by bus, bicycle, and buddies. Talent shows, regional and national awards, televised fundraisers, high school dances, frat parties, even the Heggenbarts’ patio boat and Millie’s house. By 16, he was playing in bars, honing those performance skills and bringing that party energy to venues all over California.

The Road…

And then came the road years. Thousands of miles all over the Northwest. Ski resorts up and down the Sierra Nevada. A gas station oasis in a ’56 Ford school bus. Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Cantina in South Lake Tahoe, playing and singing with Aaron Hagar. Performing in every venue from country clubs to county fairs, sleeping in the trunk of a ‘65 Ford LTD…oh, the glitter of it all. Along the way, Reggie picked up licks from guitar gods like Dickey Betts, Santana, and Larry Carlton, banging out renditions of “Free Bird” and Frampton’s “Do You Feel Like We Do.”

He toured and recorded with band members from such music legends as Dave Mason, America, Natalie Cole, and Three Dog Night. Sessions with yet unknown stars and gold record producers led to countless hours in world-class studios where the likes of Stevie Wonder, John Lennon, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Mick Jagger, Gwen Stephani, yes, and even Elvis haunt the hallowed halls.

“Yea, I did Hollywood. Gimme a roadhouse any day.”

Where He Is Now? Reggie Hall lives and plays in Lake Tahoe, the most beautiful place in the world! Visit this website or friend him on Facebook to find out about upcoming shows or to contact him for a gig.

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